Mike O'Leary - Photo credit: Vanessa Boehm

Mike O'Leary - Photo credit: Vanessa Boehm

About Mike

Mike is a landscape and commercial photographer based in Co. Kerry, Ireland, and a Staff Writer for Fstoppers.com.  

Having studied Biological and Environmental Science, he has a deep appreciation for the natural world; be it the karst landscape of The Burren, the boggy uplands of Kerry or the rugged coastline of The Wild Atlantic Way.

As well as taking visual queues from Mother Nature, Mike gets inspiration from classical paintings, modernist architecture, Noir and Sci-fi films, and minimalist design. 

He considers himself incredibly lucky to be able to make a living out of his passion and, maybe due to his optimistic nihilism, while he takes his work very seriously he is always open to suggestion and willing to have a laugh at his own expense. And, he almost never refers to himself in the third person.


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