Just Out Of Reach

Sleal Head  by Mike O'Leary Greengraf Photography -1.jpg
Sleal Head  by Mike O'Leary Greengraf Photography -1.jpg

Just Out Of Reach

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Taken from near the very tip of Dunmore Head on The Dingle Peninsula and looking out towards the Blasket Islands. It was a relatively dull evening and the light wasn’t looking too promising, but just as I had settled on the fact that I wouldn’t get the light I was hoping for, a tiny sliver of sunlight appeared on the horizon, to the left of the photo. It provided me with just enough of a glow so as to add a little bit of depth to the image. The most memorable part of the evening, however, was my scramble, on my rear-end, down the hill to catch my bag before it fell into the ocean with all my gear in it. The bag and the gear survived, intact. My bum was not so lucky.

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