Interior Design

Natural light is almost always the best option to showcase your design or business. Unfortunately, mother nature or the orientation of a house won't always play ball when it comes to photographing a room. This is where my bag of tricks comes in. I use off camera flash, colour correction gels and some Photoshop magic to get your interior to look it's best.

The most important thing for me is to get as much input from you as possible because getting a good interior shot, be it for a designer or a business premises owner/manager, is a collaborative effort.

Rates will vary according to:

  • Size of space to be photographed
  • Number and types of photos e.g. twilight shots, night shots.
  • Terms of use and licensing: Where will the photos be used, for how long and for what purpose?

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©2018 Greengraf Photography. All Rights Reserved.

©2018 Greengraf Photography. All Rights Reserved.