The Leshiba Experience

This photographic experience is a slightly slower paced workshop than the Conservation Photography Workshop. At this stunning reserve — while the focus will still be on conservation and how you can affect change with your photography — there will also be experiences with sustainability, community, and more intimate encounters with plant life, including nearly 300 species of tree.

The reserve is located in the mountains of northern Limpopo, where the days often start off with a thick cloud, and, when the sun climbs higher, the moist air is burned away to reveal the spectacular landscape around you. In the summer, the trees further up are covered in lichen, giving the temperate rainforest the feel of mystical realm, a far cry from the harsh climate at the foot of the mountain.

Another unique feature of this reserve is the self-guided walking trails. We can take numerous routes, from a short two hour hike to an adventurous full-day adventure hike, which immerses you into a landscape of vines, deep gully’s, and trickling streams.


What You Will Learn

  • Landscape Photography

    • Because of Leshiba’s immense natural beauty, the possibilities for landscape photography are endless. With high peaks, expansive valleys, and majestic trees, there are compositions a’plenty

  • Wildlife Photography

    • Much like sports photography, it’s all about anticipation. When something happens, it’s fleeting; instantaneous. That’s why you need to know your camera’s settings inside-out. Not only that, but you need to know the behavior of your subject. Having knowledge of an animals behavioral tendencies will not only help you to anticipate what they’ll do next, but you’ll also know if what they’re doing is particularly interesting or unusual, for instance: are two males about to challenge each other? or, is a female trying to hide a young calf? etc.

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