I Might Be Getting Slightly Obsessed With Video

I've been putting off learning video techniques for, um, at least three years now — or 15 years if you count my first attempt at video production in college. However, now, I've taken the plunge by just getting up off my hesitant ass and going out to shoot some footage.

Why has it taken me so long?

I'm all too aware of the importance of video for marketing my business and as a different revenue stream. But, I've been so immersed in photography that I felt that my tiny brain couldn't handle more information. Sure, I know the basics of DSLR camera operation, light, and composition; which gives me a great head start, but video is a whole other kettle of fish. Not only are the images moving (duh), but there's also the technicalities of recording and producing sound *gasp*. Added to that is the issue of narrative.

As a photographer I always strive to tell a story with my images. This presents me with limited solutions for obvious reasons. Video, while in many instances is quite formulaic, opens whole new realms for storytelling. I wouldn't say that it's harder or easier. It's just different. And, now that I've gotten a taste for it, ideas are flooding in. I'm not really thinking about revenue streams so much as enlivened by all the creative possibilities that I've now opened up for myself.

My First shot

Time lapse photography was an obvious bridge for me to traverse, and I got lucky with the weather out in Fenit. The clouds were swirling and the light was dramatic. I really couldn't have wished for better conditions. I'm working on a few more time-lapses while building towards short videos about my processes and vignettes on some of Ireland's natural heritage.

It's all terribly exciting. 


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