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An Experience Like No Other

In 2018 I spent nearly 2 months in South Africa at one particular reserve. I was instantly hooked by the magic of the African bush. It’s beautiful, uncompromising, and often brutal. Disney glossed over a lot of stuff; shocking, I know. But that’s what makes it all the more fulfilling. Do you want to experience it like I did?

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Workshop Highlights

  • Morning and Evening landscape photography.

  • So. Much. Wildlife. Photography.

  • Extra small group excursions of 3 people to track, record and photograph some of the wildlife in the hills.

  • Astro-photography with a few beverages to

    keep you lubricated.

  • Documentary Photography Instruction.

  • Post-processing fun in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • A refreshing dip at an off-reserve waterfall followed

    by a long exposure photography tutorial.

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What You Experience

  • Some of Africa’s most iconic species up close and sometimes very personal!

  • Night-time game drives with the possibility of seeing civets, genets, bat-eared foxes, and (if you’re lucky) the ever elusive leopard.

  • You will see the White Rhinos every day. It’s pretty magical sitting with them as they feed.

  • The possibility of seeing the extremely skittish and dangerous Black Rhino who are classified Critically Endangered.

  • Enormous Baobab trees. Some of them reaching one thousand years and beyond.

  • Over ten species of antelope to photograph and observe,

  • Tons of stunning bird species, including: Bee Eaters, Weaver Birds, and Eagles.


What is Conservation Photography?

Conservation photography is the application of the photographic medium to document and advertise the efforts of conservationists and conservation organisations, enabling them to reach a wider audience in the hope of affecting change and encouraging action. It encompasses a variety of genera, including, but not limited to; documentary and wildlife photography.

The types of photography needed to be applied to a specific project depend on the subject matter, the subject itself, and desired outcome.

The Workshop

The workshop will cover landscape, wildlife, astro, and documentary photography. It will be suitable for anybody, from beginner to advanced, as long as you have a camera that is capable of manual mode — like a DSLR or a mirrorless camera — and a tripod.

It takes place on an active game reserve which has an abundance of wildlife, including the Near Threatened White Rhino and and the Critically Endangered Black Rhino.

Because this is an active game reserve, you will get a behind the scenes look at conservation in action. Each day will be different, but every morning and evening you will travel through the reserve with Niall and I to check on the White and Black Rhinos. Before, during, and after we check on the rhinos you will be bombarded with animal sightings. Wildlife photography is not just about knowing your camera inside-out, it’s just as much about understanding the behavior of your subject — so, while I will be on hand to guide you on how to capture the animals in their best light, Níall will be there to explain their behavior so that you can predict where and how they will move.

It is our hope that you will be able to use the skills learned here to develop your own path in the photography world. Whether you want to experience the African bushveld in a unique way, develop your skills as an amateur, begin the journey to a full-time professional photographer, or expand your professional portfolio, there is something in this workshop for you.

The aim of the workshop is not just to learn to take good pictures, it will also endow you with skills, knowledge, and passion for the natural environment you they can use to your own ends e.g. lend your newly developed skills to a cause that is close to your own heart.

Níall is a conservation officer with over eight years experience in the bush. Not only is he an expert in animal behavior, but he’s an accomplished photographer in his own right. His photography has even been in Playboy Magazine and a in photo-book about Pangolins. His cat, Stark, has no pants, he favors Patagonia clothing because they’re environmentally responsible, and he really likes trees.


What’s included?

  • Food and accomodation

  • 7 days of professional instruction

  • Guided game drives

  • Visit to waterfall, off-reserve

  • Airport transfers

  • Use of the camp’s pool, anytime

  • Lots of laughing


What’s not included?

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Visa charges (if required)

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Meals at the local resort (if you want to eat there)

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